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Integrating ICT systems for streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and optimized business performance

Securing assets,
ensuring peace of mind

Interdev offers advanced, compliant solutions tailored to protect businesses. Our services include custom system design, surveillance installation, real-time monitoring, and maintenance. With a focus on reliability and industry-specific requirements, we ensure your assets and operations are secure, leveraging our extensive experience.

Our dedicated team leverages the latest technologies and compliance standards to ensuring peace of mind and operational continuity.

security surveillance summary

Our scope

Our expertise spans custom security system design, surveillance installation, monitoring solutions, and compliance adherence. We ensure robust protection for your assets and data, tailored to meet the unique security demands of your industry.

security system
Security system
design & implementation

Custom designs for robust security systems tailored to specific business needs and threats

system installation

Professional installation of advanced CCTV and surveillance cameras for comprehensive monitoring.


Offering real-time surveillance and security monitoring to detect and respond to threats quickly.

Data &
network security

Securing your data and network against cyber threats with advanced cybersecurity measures.

control systems

Implementing access control to regulate entry and protect sensitive areas of your business.

& support

Providing regular maintenance and support to ensure your security systems operate flawlessly

Compliance &
regulatory adherence

Ensuring your security systems comply with local and international regulations.

& education

Educating staff on security system operation and best practices for enhanced safety.

Advanced protection, trusted expertise

Evaluating needs, designing tailored solutions, and ensuring seamless implementation for robust, continuous security and compliance across your business


& custom design

We conduct thorough security assessments to identify risks, followed by crafting tailored security solutions designed to meet your unique business requirements


& integration

Expertly implementing and integrating state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring seamless operation across your business infrastructure.


support & compliance

Providing ongoing maintenance, support, and compliance checks to ensure continuous, reliable protection.

Brands we partner with

We collaborate with diverse brands, leveraging our expertise to enhance their solutions and deliver exceptional result


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