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— Our solutions largely impact ASD individuals through innovative assistive technology, enhancing communication, daily tasks, and social interactions for greater independence and inclusion.
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Why Assistive

At Interdev Technology, we believe that technology has the power to simplify and enrich lives. As a not-for-profit initiative, our focus on assistive technology stems from our dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower “people of determination”. These solutions are designed to support individuals in overcoming everyday obstacles, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into a digitally driven world.

By promoting assistive technology solutions, we aim to create pathways that enable inclusivity and equal opportunity for all “people of determination”.

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Impact group

Although there are a wide range of assistive technology solutions catering to diverse needs, Interdev Technology is currently focusing on individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our goal is to provide specialized tools and resources that enhance communication, learning, and daily living for those with ASD, fostering greater independence and inclusion in the digital age.

Autism in UAE

In 2022, the UAE had 4,561 reported cases of autism, with an estimated 1 in 110 children affected. Most cases were in boys and non-Emirati residents. The government has started programs to diagnose autism early.

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1 in 110

1 in 110: Estimated number of children in the UAE with ASD

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Registered ASD

 4,561 registered ASD cases in the UAE in 2022.

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Diagnosed cases

30.9% of diagnosed cases were UAE nationals and 69.1% were expatriates

Our solutions

Interdev's comprehensive range of solutions addresses diverse needs and fosters independence


Voice output devices and communication apps empower nonverbal expression and interaction.


Visual schedules, social stories, and choice boards enhance understanding and communication.

& text-to-speech

Dictation and screen reader software facilitate verbal and written communication.

blankets & vests

Calming deep pressure for anxiety reduction and improved focus.

Sensory toys
& tools

Fidgets, chewables, and noise-canceling headphones for sensory input regulation.


 Screen magnifiers, high contrast, and customizable keyboards for easier access.

Smart home

Voice-activated assistants control lights, appliances, and set reminders for convenience.

regulation tools

Mood trackers, calming games, and relaxation techniques for emotional management.

Our brands


Training program

Interdev offers comprehensive training programs to equip parents, teachers, therapists, and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to effectively use assistive technology and support individuals with ASD. Our workshops, seminars, and individual consultations empower everyone involved to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

Interdev Care

Making a difference,
One life at a time

At Interdev, we believe in giving back to the community. Our Interdev Care program is a CSR initiative focusing on providing assistive technology and support to individuals with ASD who may not have access to these resources otherwise. This is our commitment to creating a more inclusive society, one step at a time.

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